There is nothing better than children spending their summer days outside in the woods with friends! Amigos del Bosque summer camps are designed to get children connecting with nature, with the Spanish language, and with each other! 

Amigos del Bosque
Summer Camps

A Spanish immersion, nature-based play class for children 0-3 years old and their caregiver 

All camps run Monday - Thursday 
(with exception of the Nature Super Heroes) from 9:00am-12:00pm
Enrollment will open from FEBRUARY 12 to FEBRUARY 15TH 2025
to children ages 3-8 

Registration is lottery based


Tuition: $200 per week and due upon confirmation of enrollment

Join us for dinosaur adventures in the bosque! We will search for dinosaur fossils, dinosaur eggs, build volcanoes, play dinosaur games- all in Spanish!  

Dino Camp

Join our team of Nature Super Heroes! We can be Super Heroes when we learn to protect the earth's creatures, waters and land through exploration, challenges, and art projects. We will also learn shelter building, knot tying, foraging, woodland mapping, woodland games, orienteering with compasses, and more! - all in Spanish!


Join us for a week of exploring different engineering and art that can be found in nature! We will get to work constructing our own beaver dams, make bird nests, design and build a sun shelter for an imaginary animal, build bridges to cross a creek, create woodland maps, and build stick shelters, and get muddy celebrating International Mud Day! - all in Spanish!

Stem Camp

- Appropriate gear for you and your child (see our Gear Guide or send us a message if you have questions) 

- A snack and water bottle

- A small blanket to sit on with your child 

If the temperature is 15 degrees Fahrenheit or below, we will look at the NOA wind chill chart and make a decision about rescheduling the class for a later date. Your teacher will email you by 8am the morning of class if any changes will be made.

What to bring: 


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