Resources to support your child learning a second language

There are many reasons parents choose to raise their child bilingually (or multilingually)! The research studies proving the benefits of teaching your child another language from a young age are numerous. Whatever the reason, we want to come alongside you and support you as you navigate this big undertaking of raising a bilingual child! 

​Did you know that babies are born with the ability to hear and distinguish all the sounds from the world's 6,500 languages from birth? Genial! Babies learn language through experiencing the world around them and hearing the language as it relates to those experiences. When it comes to language learning, the best way to develop fluency is through being immersed in the language as much as possible. However, if the second language your child is learning is not one you speak yourself, here are some ways you can still support your child in their language journey. 

​Choose an immersion educational setting - like Amigos del Bosque!
Watch shows or movies in Spanish - some options HERE  
Read books in Spanish (the library has lots!) or use audio books (like Tumble Books, Vox books or Audible) to read to your child in Spanish

Listen to podcasts for kids in Spanish 
Listen to Música en espanol! 

Seek out neighbors, friends, or other community members who speak the language to create real relationships with people who do speak the target language. Did you know that the United States has the second highest number of Spanish speakers in the world after Mexico? You don't need to go far! 

Go on hikes, park playdate, play at the beach, or invite them over for un cafecito !

If you are able, travel to places where Spanish is spoken and immerse yourself with the local culture. 

Resources to support your child learning a second language

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